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BYOT!? A few weeks ago I shared with you how much I miss my afternoon tea dates with friends during this pandemic. I usually write from around 9:30 in the morning until 1, so for years having a cup of tea or coffee with a friend at 2 o’clock on select days through the week has been a lovely ritual for me.

It’s not really about the tea—though I love a good cup—it’s about spending time listening to the happenings in my friends’ lives, as well as sharing my own happenings. I don’t have family here, so my tea friends are like family to me.

Even though some states are opening up again, the virus is still spreading and the death toll is rising. So even if the coffee shops in town were open, I am not ready to go sit in a crowd again, and probably won’t be for a while.

My solution is what I call ‘driveway tea.’ It is a BYOT (bring your own tea), weather-permitting event, and it has been working fabulously. I’ve been catching up after not seeing friends for weeks, and we’ve had some wonderful conversations in my driveway already.

Here’s a photo of the setup. Two lawn chairs. 10 – 12 feet apart. I have a friend coming over this afternoon. She will drive up and park and join me in the driveway. No hugs, of course. My friends are all really great huggers, so I still miss that. But I get to see them at a safe distance, which is certainly better than not seeing them at all.

I wish you could join me in my driveway for tea one of these beautiful Spring afternoons!

Are there creative solutions you have come up with to meet with friends and family and still be safe? I welcome your thoughts on driveway tea.



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