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I hope this finds you and your loved ones well. The last 22 months have been quite an “adventure.” When the pandemic rolled out in early 2020, my creativity went into survival mode. To make the best of this extreme situation, I created a Resilience Dispatch—daily words of encouragement about resilience—that I posted on my blog and my Facebook Author page.  As a former psychotherapist and writer of novels for twenty-five years, I like to think that I know something about resilience. Initially, I had planned to keep going with these dispatches until the pandemic was over. Little did I know how long it would be with us.

When I began to feel my creativity reemerge later last year, my priorities had changed. I turned instead to my love of something familiar—the characters I had created in Temple Secrets and Gullah Secrets. During the ongoing pandemic, I wanted to spend time with Old Sally, Queenie, Violet, and Rose. I needed their wisdom, their views of life, and their courage.

With that, I began to create an unexpected and somehow necessary third book in the Temple Secret series which became this book, Tea Leaf Secrets. Book one of the trilogy is Temple Secrets, book two is Gullah Secrets. Writing more of the story of these strong women was like preparing a feast of southern comfort food, minus the calories.

Now that Tea Leaf Secrets is finally here, I hope this book will give you comfort, as well.

Here’s the official book description:

A legacy to fulfill. A long-hidden secret. A shocking climax to the trilogy that began with Temple Secrets and Gullah Secrets.

Although Old Sally has been gone a year, Violet still hasn’t gotten over the loss of her beloved grandmother, with whom she shared the connection of the ancient Gullah magic. Mired in grief despite her thriving tea shop in downtown Savannah, what Violet wants more than anything is to hear from her grandmother—especially when her Gullah intuition indicates a storm is brewing.

Does it have something to do with the strange couple Queenie keeps spotting in the dunes? Or Iris’s diary that Rose discovered hidden in the family bank vault, revealing a side of her aloof and aristocratic mother that she never knew?

But Old Sally remains silent as shocking secrets are revealed that will turn the lives of the Temple women upside down.

Now everything that Violet holds dear is threatened . . . unless she’s brave enough to answer the call of her ancestors.

The ghosts of the past are laid to rest once and for all in the amazing finale in the bestselling Temple Secrets series, where Southern gothic mystery meets a heartwarming cast of unforgettable independent women in one immensely satisfying story of fate, family, and friendship.

Tea Leaf Secrets is available in ebook, paperback and hardcover (audiobook Spring 2022). See below regarding paperback price. (Do NOT pay $27.66!)

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Autographed by “the author” (me!) here at my website (paperback and hardcover)

Barnes & Noble paperback $16.99)

Amazon paperback (Do NOT pay $27.66. The paperback *IS* available through Amazon at $16.99 – you just have to scroll to “4 new from $16.99” or “other buying options”. Amazon is super busy this time of year and once they are fully stocked with the paperback, they will list it on the main page.)

Hardcover will be available soon on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can get an autographed copy of the hardcover or paperback on my website here.

Note: Hardcover books are now also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for The Wildflower Trilogy (The Secret Sense of Wildflower, Lily’s Song, Daisy’s Fortune) and the Temple Secrets Trilogy (Temple Secrets, Gullah Secrets, Tea Leaf Secrets). Autographed copies are available on my website at SusanGabriel.com.

Your local bookstore can order the paperback and hardcover versions of Tea Leaf Secrets.

I hope you have the best of holidays and that the coming year is full of good health and resilience. Keep the courage fires burning!

With every good wish,


P.S. If you do decide to read Tea Leaf Secrets feel free to let me know what you think. I love hearing from readers! You can respond to this email, email me at susan@susangabriel.com or message me on my facebook author page.

P.P.S. Please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Goodreads, etc. It really does help readers who are unfamiliar with my novels take a chance on my work. Thank you!

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