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Trueluck Summer: Southern Historical Fiction

A Lowcountry Novel

A widowed grandmother ready to spread her wings. A 12-year-old granddaughter looking for a summertime adventure. Together, they are going to attempt the impossible.

In Charleston, South Carolina, the summer of 1964, Ida Trueluck moves into her son’s house after losing her beloved husband of 40 years. Living with her son’s family is quite an adjustment—her daughter-in-law is a bit uptight—and she’s trying to figure out who she is on her own.

Her saving grace is her 12-year-old granddaughter Trudy. Smart and feisty, Trudy and her best friend Vel—short for Velvet, who wears all pink and is a Nancy Drew wannabee—are trying to figure out what to do on their summer vacation. When a black boy named Paris saves Trudy from being crushed by a runaway Sunbeam Bread truck, they become friends.

Navigating a multi-racial friendship in 1964 is no easy thing, however.  Read more…

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About Susan

Amazon and Nook #1 bestselling author Susan Gabriel writes with passion, humor and insight about Southerners, both wise and wounded; teens, both ordinary and odd; and the people who love them, both explicit and unconscious. While she at times has written plays, poetry and nonfiction (see her blog), Susan primarily writes southern fiction and short stories. Discover more about Susan Gabriel here.

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