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Lily’s Song

A mother’s secrets, a daughter’s dream, and a family’s loyalty are masterfully interwoven in this much anticipated sequel to Amazon #1 bestseller The Secret Sense of Wildflower.

“Wildflower” McAllister’s daughter, Lily, now 14, struggles with her mother’s reluctance to tell her who her father is. When a stranger appears on the family doorstep, drunk and evoking ghosts from the past, it threatens to break the close-knit McAllister family apart.

Meanwhile, Wildflower has a deep secret of her own.. Read more…

“I have finished Lily’s Song, and enjoyed every second. You have told a story with characters that are so authentic; I feel they are a part of my life. Such a reminder that we all have a little good and a little bad and are a product of environment and what we bring with us to this world. Thank you for sharing your talent. I look forward to your next book! As my grandmother used to say after reading something she enjoyed, “those folks were so real, I found myself praying for them!” Prayers for you and all the Wildflowers and Lily’s in the world!” – Martha Snow

About Susan

Amazon and Nook #1 bestselling author Susan Gabriel writes with passion, humor and insight about Southerners, both wise and wounded; teens, both ordinary and odd; and the people who love them, both explicit and unconscious. While she at times has written plays, poetry and nonfiction (see her blog), Susan primarily writes southern fiction and short stories. Discover more about Susan Gabriel here.

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…astute observations and wonderfully turned phrases, with nary a cliché to be found. She could be an adolescent Scout Finch… ”

– Kirkus Reviews (starred)



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Susan Gabriel's FAVORITE Creativity-related Quote Right Now:

“Writing is a combination of intangible creative fantasy and appallingly hard work.” —Anthony Powell

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