Circle of the Ancestors

Thirteen-year-old Sam lives on a reservation, where his grandmother teaches him the Cherokee ways and what it means to be a warrior. In a quest to honor his ancestors, Sam hikes to a sacred mountain where he is attacked by a red-tailed hawk and falls down the mountainside. Bruised but resilient, he finds himself at the roots of an ancient oak tree near the bank of a stream where he discovers, tangled in the roots, a very rare and perfect star ruby. Sam quickly realizes that destiny has dealt him both a blessing and a curse. When news of the ruby gets out, Sam encounters bullies and thieves, as well as a nationally known gem expert who comes to visit him on the reservation. Sam calls on the spirits of his ancestors to help him decide the fate of his treasure. The message he receives changes his life forever and puts him on the path to becoming a true warrior.

“Loved the story! The best of reading when it makes you cry…looking forward to reading more.” – Glenda Tackett

Available in ebook and paperback:

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Circle of the Ancestors - A Native American Journey for All Ages

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