Lily's Song southern historical fiction

“Just read The Secret Sense of Wildflower and Lily’s Song. Absolutely loved both and can’t wait for the 3rd book of the trilogy. Based on that wonderful reading experience I will definitely read Temple Secrets. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us! I too love Savannah so I’m looking forward to visiting it again through your book. Wonderful place to go to escape a Minnesota winter!”

Laura Lusso

“I have finished Lily’s Song, and enjoyed every second. You have told a story with characters that are so authentic; I feel they are a part of my life. Such a reminder that we all have a little good and a little bad and are a product of environment and what we bring with us to this world. Thank you for sharing your talent. I look forward to your next book! As my grandmother used to say after reading something she enjoyed, “those folks were so real, I found myself praying for them!” Prayers for you and all the Wildflowers and Lily’s in the world!” 

Martha Snow

“Having read 2 1/2 of your books, I can say resilience is one of your characters’ strongest qualities. Moments ago, I finished the passage in “Lily’s Song” where Wildflower finally experiences a moment of grace with her mother. It was one of the most beautiful and understated scenes I’ve ever read. Thank you for writing such real human interactions, and for allowing these two women such a profound breakthrough!”

Linda Blackford

Lily’s Song

Book 2 of the Wildflower Trilogy

In Lily’s Song, a mother’s secrets, a daughter’s dream, and a family’s loyalty are masterfully interwoven in this much-anticipated sequel to Amazon and Nook #1 bestseller The Secret Sense of Wildflower.

“Wildflower” McAllister’s daughter, Lily, now 14, struggles with her mother’s reluctance to tell her who her father is. When a stranger appears on the family doorstep, drunk and evoking ghosts from the past, it threatens to break the close-knit McAllister family apart.

Meanwhile, Wildflower has a deep secret of her own. When Lily discovers it by accident, it changes everything she thought she knew about her mother. The events that follow silence the singing she dreamed of sharing with the world.

With her signature metaphors, Gabriel weaves a compelling tale that captures the resilience and strength of both mother and daughter, as secrets revealed test their strong bond and ultimately change their lives forever.

Set in 1956 southern Appalachia, Lily’s Song stands on its own, and readers who are new to Gabriel will be drawn into the world she so skillfully depicts. As a sequel, it will captivate fans of The Secret Sense of Wildflower (a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2012), who have eagerly awaited more.

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