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Rest builds resilience. Without proper rest we slowly lose our vitality. Rest not only involves sleeping well, which is vitally important, but it also means having enough time to sit with our lives and process our thoughts and feelings.

Resting requires finding our balance between activity—doing—and being quiet and reflective. This being-ness is a crucial element to living a balanced life, as well as to storytelling. My job as a novelist is to ‘be’ with the characters I create in my imagination, and then to actively tell their stories.

With that in mind, after 44 days of creating a daily dispatch, and answering comments on facebook from 4:00 to around 9:00 every evening (which has been my great pleasure), I am going to take the weekend off. Then next week I will continue the resilience dispatches on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4.

This will allow me to use more of my creative energy to focus on writing Violet’s Tea Shop. Then later in May my plan is to do a dispatch on Mondays to start your week, and on Fridays, to check in to see how your week was and share some of my thoughts. On the Friday posts, I will also let you know in the P.S. how Violet’s Tea Shop is coming along.

Rest well, sweet readers. Stay safe. Stay steady. Steady on.


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