more kindnessNow is the time for self-compassion. We’re not imagining things. It really is an unprecedented and stressful time. It’s okay to feel crappy some days. It’s okay to be distracted and unable to focus. It’s okay to feel angry and frustrated. It’s also okay to laugh and enjoy slowing down.

We’re all in new territory and humans in general hate change. Right now is a good time to be especially gentle with ourselves.

Self-criticism is not helpful. Nor is perfectionism.

We need to be intentional about choosing kindness and generosity, not only with others but first and foremost with ourselves.

We need to treat ourselves as we would a dear friend and witness our struggles with compassion.

We need to be generous about forgiving ourselves if we are afraid, distracted, or angry.

To build resilience and self-compassion, it might be helpful to give ourselves a bit of kindness every day. Maybe rub lotion onto our hands as we would a beloved grandparent, parent, or friend. Maybe light a scented candle. Make ourselves a nice meal. Take a bubble bath. Move our bodies. Listen to music. Walk. Weep. Dance.

In the service of self-compassion, perhaps we could try to do one thing a day with kindness and generosity toward ourselves.

Please share in the comments if there is something compassionate and kind that you already do for yourself – or would like to start doing – that might inspire others in our community here.


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