Stay at home and stay aliveAre you still sheltering in place? Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one. It feels wise to remain careful here in the South, where cases are rising. Of course, I go to the grocery store when I need to, and the post office, and run other errands while wearing a mask. But mainly, I am still spending a lot of time at home.

Here in my turtle shell, challenges and blessings abound. I am fortunate to have such a beautiful place to shelter here in the mountains of North Carolina. And even though I am very good at entertaining myself and my turtle shell is full of books, it is still a challenge sometimes. Perhaps it is for you, too.

Another blessing is that I have meaningful work that I do from home. This morning I am working on a scene in Violet’s Tea Shop where my characters Queenie, Rose, and Violet have a Girls Night Out on the River District in Savannah. So, even though I can’t enjoy that kind of get-together myself right now, I am enjoying it vicariously by imagining the scene.

If you are still in your turtle shell, congratulate yourself for getting through the challenges. Pat yourself on the back for your perseverance. Throw yourself a kiss in the bathroom mirror for your resilience. It is a big deal what we are doing, and you are courageous to keep it up.

Stay steady, my friends. Stay safe!


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