two black rescue catsWe’ve all got issues, my friends. We’ve all got things we are struggling with. We’re all rescues in that sense. Not to mention that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, as well as an economic crisis, and uncertain and stressful times heighten our issues.

If we’re lucky, we have family and friends who love us anyway. If we’re lucky, we have clean water in our water bowls, enough food to eat, and companions on this journey who treat us with respect. We’re all works in progress, as the saying goes.

Author Seth Godin said this in a recent blog post:

“It’s natural to believe that everyone else is as confident, assured, long-term thinking and generous as you are on your very best day.

But that’s unlikely. Because everyone else is probably not having their best day at the same time.

Once we realize that the world around us is filled with people who are each wrestling with what we’re wrestling with (and more), compassion is a lot easier to find.”

Are you a ”rescue”? If so, have compassion with yourself today and every day. Yes, we’ve all got issues. We’ve all got things we are struggling with. But we are working through them. We deserve respect for that, especially from ourselves.

Have a good weekend. Stay safe!

Resiliently yours,

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