prayers for writersWriters and artists need all the support we can get, especially if we feel living a creative life is our calling. I created these simple prayers for writers or blessings, as I like to call them, for the artist and writer in each of us.

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Prayers for Writers

For Writers/Poets/Painters/Sculptors/Musicians/Dancers

and the Artist Within Each of Us

•May the time you find to develop your talents be sacred and abundant

•May you be surrounded by people who encourage you in small and large ways

•May you develop a tough skin and a supple heart

•May you trust your creative process and express yourself with a true and unwavering voice

•May you be rewarded financially for all your efforts

•May any struggle you face make you stronger, so that you persevere and continue on the path

•May you grow in confidence, seeing clearly your value and worth

•May you be appreciated, in your lifetime, for the gift of healing you offer the world
© Susan Gabriel


What do you think of these prayers for writers? Is there anything you’d like to add? I welcome your thoughts and comments.


P.S. I am an ex-shrink who writes award-winning novels. Check out my books here. 

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