michael cunningham on writingMichael Cunningham on Writing. The author of The Hours had this to say about writing fiction:

Fiction involves trace elements of magic; it works for reasons we can explain and also for reasons we can’t.  If novels or short-story collections could be weighed strictly in terms of their components (fully developed characters, check; original voice, check; solidly crafted structure, check; serious theme, check) they might satisfy, but they would fail to enchant.  A great work of fiction involves a certain frisson that occurs when its various components cohere and then ignite.

Read more of Michael Cunningham’s letter to the New Yorker here.

I like the idea that fiction has trace elements of magic. I experience this when I read a really good story that captivates me to the point that I don’t want to put it down. Either that, or I purposely slow down my reading so I can savor every word.

Do you like what Michael Cunningham says about writing fiction? Why do some novels satisfy and others fail to enchant?  What novels have you read that enchanted you?

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