A League of Our Own

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Sometimes life is just hard. For me, writing a book and putting it out into the world is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Mainly because I’ve spent a great deal of my life trying not to draw attention to myself. Why? Because being out in the open, at least while growing up, meant danger. Safety was found in introversion and quietness. Childhood history is not always easy to overcome. Yet despite the obstacles, I have been determined to keep challenging myself to put my work out into the world. I think of it as stepping into my greatness.


In the movie, A League of Their Own, the star of a women’s professional baseball team, played by Geena Davis, wants to leave the team before its season ends to return home with her husband.


When the team’s coach, played by Tom Hanks, challenges her decision and wonders why, she says, “It just got too hard.”


Hanks replies, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it—the hard is what makes it great.”




We’ve all had things that we’ve wanted to give up on. And, like me, you’ve probably given up on a few.


But what is it that you need to not give up on?


What is it that you need to do that is hard, and its hardness makes it great?


Are you ready to step into your greatness?




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  1. “Great” comment. I hope you’ll spend some time drawing soon!

  2. Greatness? Me? ohhh don’t think so… but I love to draw, so I need to not give up on that. It is something I really enjoy doing, but one of those things I put off.

  3. This is such a beautiful blog! Many times I felt like giving up, and still didn’t. I took a deep breath, I kept my chin up, which was something that wasn’t easy to do at times, and kept going… only to realize that I have just started to walk a much important path in life.

    So, big times and big challenges await for me ahead, and I am confident that somehow, I will have the strength I need not to give up.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Mariana. I am confident that you can face these big challenges, too. You are not alone.

  5. Thanks for being so honest about where you are, Sandra. So many women, including myself, have gone through similar hard places. I hope you’ll persevere and go in search of your authentic self, (like the main character in my book) wherever that might lead you.

  6. I used to write a lot. Even started a novel, but haven’t worked on it in years. I write for my job, yet that’s not fulfilling. Lately I have been doing mixed media artwork. Even that is scary sometimes. I know I need to keep going, though–I need to do something to keep depression at bay.

    I think I am going to buy your book because I am having a midlife crisis. It’s not so much fun, Susan. I joke about it with family and friends but it hurts to be here.

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