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Susan Gabriel is an award-winning author of a seven novels and a Kirkus Best Book Award of 2012. In the month of August, The Heroic Journal takes a look at her personal heroic journey and how she found her way from being a psychotherapist to a highly acclaimed author:

This is the beginning of an interview I did recently for my friend Missy Bradley-Ball’s monthly newsletter. Missy’s newsletters are one of the few things I get genuinely excited about seeing in my inbox. Like her, they are full of depth and thoughtfulness.

If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she was the first person I asked to do the From the Front Porch: Creativity Interviews. You can find her interview here.

For her August newsletter, Missy asked me some GREAT questions about my journey as a writer. I call them ‘great’ because they are questions nobody has ever thought to ask me before, so they were interesting for me to answer.

I’m not sure if I’d call my journey heroic (*blush), but it’s something to aim for at least. Click below to go to the interview:


Susan Gabriel: One Writer’s Heroic Journey

Susan Gabriel is an award-winning author of a Kirkus Best Book 2012 and six additional exceptional books. In the month of August, we look at her personal heroic journey and a … [Read More…]


I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! I took a little time off last week, but for most of the summer I’ve been writing my heart out as usual. I hope to tell you more about that soon. xo


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