“Susan Gabriel’s southern gothic novel The Secret Sense of Wildflower has been named one of Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2012.” Hey wait, that’s me!?!

Kirkus Reviews Best Books


Life is such a roller coaster. My heart has been breaking over the terrible events in Connecticut. Years ago I was a reading teacher for first graders, and I raised my two daughters singlehandedly. I think everyone, whether parent or not, is feeling the pain of this horrific event.

Then, earlier this week, Kirkus Reviews announced that they have named my book, The Secret Secret Sense of Wildflower, one of the Best Books of 2012.  In the midst of all the bad news, it’s not always easy to celebrate life’s little successes. But I’m going to try. Wildflower is a Kirkus Reviews Best Books? Did I read that right?

I’ve been writing fiction for over fifteen years–day in and day out–and I’ve been rejected a zillion times (or at least it feels that way). I’ve had an agent retire. I’ve had executive editors who were about to offer contracts to me get fired. I’ve had other editors at major publishing houses who were interested in my work unexpectedly leave their job. And this isn’t just bad luck, folks. This kind of thing happens to A LOT of writers in such a volatile publishing environment.

So, after learning of this great honor for my book, I’m sending off a few fireworks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Please celebrate with me!







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