Chair in front of an open windowToday is my birthday, and I thought I would celebrate the day by making a list of things I treasure. These are in no particular order, starting with …

  1. You! (my sweet readers, family, and friends)
  2. Courage
  3. Kindness
  4. Resilience
  5. Creativity
  6. Gratitude
  7. Goodness
  8. Grace
  9. Laughter
  10. Knowledge
  11. Good books
  12. Truth
  13. Compassion
  14. Empathy
  15. Deep conversations
  16. The sound of mountain streams
  17. Shade trees on hot, sunny days
  18. Connectedness to nature
  19. The beautiful mountains of North Carolina where I live
  20. Good stories
  21. Mystical and mysterious things
  22. Inspiration from all sources
  23. Birds at the birdfeeders
  24. My dogs (and author assistants) Jack and Charlie
  25. Our planet
  26. Our country
  27. Milk chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts
  28. A good cup of tea with friends
  29. Change that transforms for the better
  30. My inner journey of thoughts, feelings, and aha’s
  31. Humility
  32. Nourishing, satisfying foods
  33. Caring friendships
  34. Confidence
  35. Curiosity
  36. Good luck
  37. Best wishes
  38. Good reviews
  39. Feeling satisfied with my work
  40. A good night’s sleep
  41. A walk by the river when the leaves are falling
  42. Leisurely walking through an art museum
  43. Spending time in libraries and bookstores
  44. Music that touches me
  45. Warm soup on a cold day
  46. A good series on television
  47. Forests and wildlife
  48. Picnics
  49. Honesty
  50. Understanding
  51. The privilege to vote
  52. The chair I sit in to write my novels
  53. Forgiveness
  54. Thoughtful people
  55. Porch swings
  56. Thresholds
  57. Creating art in my studio
  58. Tenderness
  59. Perseverance
  60. Gentleness
  61. A good poem
  62. Synchronicity
  63. Wellness
  64. Being alive

If you are so moved, I’d love for you to tell us one or more things you treasure.

Stay safe, resilient readers!

Sending you love,

P.S. To those of you who are curious about where I am in my writing process, I have finished a rough draft of the new novel, the final book in the Temple Secrets series. (Book 1 is Temple Secrets. Book 2 is Gullah Secrets.) There are still months of revising and polishing to go. I usually read it through and make changes 5 or 6 times before I finally give it to my first readers, who are a handful of people that provide me with feedback. I make changes again based on their feedback, and then it goes to my editor. All that to say, I’ve made good progress in the last few weeks, and I’ll keep you posted!


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