Live in the front rowAlthough I am not much of a thrill-seeker these days, the ladies in the front definitely look like they are having more fun than the ones in the third seat. It makes me wonder if we might want to change our attitude about the roller coaster we’ve found ourselves on for the last three months, and embrace it as an adventure. It sure would make the ride more interesting, and perhaps more tolerable.

Somehow related, is a quote I ran across recently. “What we need right now is more women who are full of themselves,” writes Glennon Doyle in her book Untamed.

Full of themselves in a good way, meaning genuine, whole-hearted, and unafraid. The women in the front appear to be positively full of themselves, don’t they? I want what they’re having.

Where do you sit on this current rollercoaster we are all riding? Are you on the front row having the time of your life? Or the third row feeling kind of subdued? Or perhaps you are somewhere in between. Or maybe you refuse to even get on the ride! If so, that’s fine, too.

Either way, stay buckled up and stay safe.


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