winnie the pooh looks at his stomachOne of the things I have learned in the last eight weeks is that it is wicked hard not to overeat during a pandemic. Especially if you tend to be an emotional eater and turn to certain foods for comfort when stressed.

In the early days, when we first started sheltering in place, I was laughingly calling this the pancake pandemic. I suddenly had a craving for pancakes, topped with real butter and real maple syrup—something I ate maybe once or twice a year and was not in my regular repertoire of foods.

A week later the craving was for ice cream sandwiches (wafers in the UK) like the ones I loved as a kid.

The following week, potato chips.

It was as if there was a little girl inside of me who was frightened and craving comfort, and she didn’t know how else to get it except with certain foods.

“Bless her heart,” as we say in the South.

Now, thankfully, I am trying to be sweet and comforting to myself in other ways. However, every time I go to the grocery store, I end up buying at least one thing I wouldn’t normally buy.

Am I the only one who is doing this? What is your comfort food of choice these days?


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