sometimes you have to let goLike you, I didn’t see this coming. I thought my life would go along as planned. I would write my next book, go out with friends, socialize in groups, spend time in my beloved local coffee shop, etc.

It didn’t occur to me that a Coronavirus would appear and make all that go away for a while.

Now it seems our task is to calm our fears and make peace with what is happening. Perhaps our biggest challenge is to reach for any positivity and joy that may be hidden in the situation.

Are you finding anything good that is coming out of this crisis? If so, please consider commenting.

Take good care of yourself, sweet readers.

(Thanks to Helen Voris for posting the quote in a comment on my blog.)

Note to newcomers: I love my reader community here, so I am posting something uplifting on this page every day at 4 pm (Eastern) until we get through the Covid-19 crisis. See this post from March 19 for more info:

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