may peace come into your heartAs we say goodbye to winter, let us be gentle with ourselves during this unprecedented and challenging time. We are all in new territory, and we are all on the same journey. In that respect, although we are more apart than ever – physically – we are more connected than ever emotionally and spiritually, like here on this page.
A crisis of this magnitude not only builds character, it reveals character. In reading all of your comments, I am struck by how kind and caring so many of you are. We are doing our part as citizens of the world to flatten the curve and protect our friends and loved ones.
Today, as we make the most of this time of social distancing and hunkering down, I send you peace. Peace in knowing that this, too, shall pass. Peace in knowing that you are not alone. Peace in knowing that your ancestors are here with you, providing resilience in your DNA. Take good care. Spring is coming.

Love, Susan

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