chair on a beachFor those of you who may be experiencing coronavirus fatigue or politics fatigue, I offer a way to get away from what tires you.

Imagine sitting overlooking a vast ocean. Smell the salt air. Feel the warm breeze blowing in your hair and the chair underneath you. Hear the sounds of the waves breaking in the distance, followed by them gently coming to shore.

Imagine that a wise woman is sitting next to you. It may be Old Sally, one of my characters from Temple Secrets and Gullah Secrets, or another wise woman.

What questions do you have for her?

What is it that you need to hear?

Imagine a calmness coming over you as she answers your questions. Sit with it. Let is wash over you. Write it down. Share it if it makes sense.

Blessings to you, sweet readers.


P.S. Slight adjustment to the resilience dispatch schedule. I’m going to post at 4 o’clock (ET) on Mondays and Fridays, (down from 3 days a week to 2) so I’ll have more time to write Violet’s Tea Shop.

Starting next Monday, I will begin and end every week with you. (That said, I may throw in some shorter posts and photos on my FB Author page if the mood strikes.) I love spending time with you. Thanks for reading! ♥️

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