Herbs in the gardenThis is for those of you who have a flower or a vegetable garden, those who wish they had a garden, or who had a garden in the past. Gardens are great metaphors for resilience. The entire cycle of life can be seen in one season. A seed sprouts, matures into a full plant, thrives, begins to fade, returns to the earth, and then regenerates the soil.

Whether you observe gardens or plant them yourself, gardens offer us a sense of place, a sense of comfort, a sense of beauty, and a sense of self or wellbeing.

The phrase “Feel Blue, Touch Green” reminds us that gardens can offer us solace during times of great change and uncertainty. They can ignite our senses and help us to feel grounded in the present moment.

Gardens can exercise our body, liberate stress, stimulate our minds, move our emotions, and heal our soul.

Is there a public garden you can visit (wearing a mask, and with physical distancing) to experience this wonderful metaphor? Or perhaps you have a garden of your own. Feel free to tell us about a garden in your life, past or present, and add a photo if you are viewing this on my Facebook author page.


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