maya angelou quoteAs a girl, I would hear the sound of the ice cream truck turning into our neighborhood from far away. Then it seemed to take forever before it finally made it to my house. Did you have ice cream trucks when you were growing up?

The song was a light, faraway jingle at first, a mere hint of what was to come, causing a rush of anticipation and delight. I had a sense of how much time I had before the ice cream truck would arrive. Time enough to run inside from wherever I was playing and beg my mother for change, promising to complete whatever chore she dangled to make it happen. Time also to stand in the shade of a large maple tree next to the street, gripping coins in my sweaty palm, as the ice cream truck’s jingle got louder and louder. All the while, imagining the delicious options and salivating in anticipation of summer’s sweetness.

What was I in the mood for? A banana or a cherry Popsicle? Or perhaps a Fudgsicle or an ice cream sandwich?

Good things are coming, my friends. This virus isn’t finished with us yet, but it won’t last forever, either. Our relief may be “days, months, or miles away,” but with every second, it gets closer. We must stay steady. Persevere. Be patient.

Resilience is knowing how to wait. Resilience is trusting that even though it feels like there is no relief in sight, the sweetness will come.


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