VioletsLife bursts through the cracks even in the most difficult of environments. Because we are living beings with an imperative to survive and express ourselves, we are much more resilient than we realize. But that doesn’t mean challenging times are easy, by any means, and it is important to acknowledge the difficulties.

For those of you who feel like sharing, how are you holding up? Are you weary? Struggling? At ease? Grateful? Everything in between? Considering the current crises going on, it is perfectly normal to have a variety of feelings on any given day.

For those of you who have a more private nature, perhaps ask yourself this question. And then really, really listen to your answer. Respond accordingly. Be gentle with yourself. Throw yourself a kiss in the bathroom mirror. Give yourself a few kind words and a hug. Or all of the above. Respond in loving ways even if it feels silly. Sometimes being silly lessens the struggle…

In the meantime, may we all be flowers bursting through the sidewalk. Resilient. Beautiful. Hardy. Uncrushable.


(Thank you to my friend, Susan P., for taking and sharing this photograph with me. 💙)

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