Why I readCan you imagine going through a pandemic without reading books? It’s hard for me to even go there.

Reading is a huge part of my everyday life. As I write my novels, I am also reading them. The editing process is reading the story over and over again and making the changes that will make it the best story I possibly can.

When I am not writing, I also read other books–fiction and nonfiction–and articles. I always read before bed, as well. And I read for all of the reasons shown in this cartoon. Not so much the last panel until more recently.

Books are constant companions. As constant as my four-legged family. They are something I count on every day. Touchstones that remind me who I am, and what I am exploring. Every book I read is like a diary entry. They document my journey as an inquisitive, creative person.

What about you? Why do you read? What is your favorite type of book? Feel free to share your thoughts on reading.

Stay safe. Be kind.


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