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Creativity cures all that ails us. I believe this with every cell of my being. If you asked me for a magic potion that would give you a more vibrant, joyful life in the coming year, I would prescribe creating something, consistently and daily. With that in mind, I wrote this post for you called The Creativity Cure.


The Creativity Cure

If you’re lonely, make art.

If you’re unhappy, make art.

If you’re confident, make art.

If you’re confused, make art.

If you’re bemused, make art.

If you’re angry, make art.

If you feel misunderstood, make art.

If you feel depressed, make art.

If you feel invisible, make art.

If you feel unloved, make art.

If you want a purpose in life, make art.

If you’re distracted, make art.

If you overthink things, make art.

If you take care of everybody else instead of yourself, make art.

If you feel sad, make art.

If you feel scared, make art.

If you feel bored, make art.

If you feel happy, make art.

If you feel lost, make art.

If you feel joy, make a lot of art and pass it around.


ART = writing, drawing, dancing, sculpting, singing, baking, flower arranging, composing, painting, gardening, drumming, journaling ….

Creativity is anything that makes you feel more alive, more vital, more YOU.

Want a perfect resolution for the New Year? MAKE ART for at least 20 minutes a day. You will find very quickly that you are living a more creative and artful life.

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P.S. I am an ex-shrink and an acclaimed novelist who makes art. Check out my novels and other books here.

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