If you’ve never heard of Camille Seaman, you’re in for a treat.

Because so many of us here in the U.S. are dealing with scorching temperatures, I thought I’d offer an iceberg or two to cool you off. Photographer Camille Seaman shoots icebergs, showing the world the complex beauty of these massive, ancient chunks of polar ice. Not only is her work amazingly beautiful, but this is the perfect thing to watch on a hot summer day.  Watch now >> on TED talks (4 minute video)


Why you should listen to her:

Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman takes photographs all over the world using digital and film cameras in multiple formats. Since 2003, her work has concentrated on the fragile environment of the polar regions. Her current project concerns the beauty of natural environments in Siberia.

Seaman’s photographs have been published in Newsweek, Outside, Zeit Wissen, Men’s Journal and more, and she has self-published many books on themes like “My China” and “Melting Away: Polar Images” through Fastback Creative Books, a company that she co-founded. In 2008, she was honored with a one-person exhibition, “The Last Iceberg,” at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC.

If you looking for a deeper reason to view these icebergs, I am reminded that Carl Jung had a theory that said that the part of the iceberg that is above the surface of the water is seen as the conscious mind. It’s the part of the mind that we live in most of the time, and contains information that is in our immediate awareness.  Below the level of the conscious mind, and the bulk of the iceberg, is what Jung called the “personal unconscious.” Here we will find thoughts, feelings, urges and other information that is difficult to bring to consciousness. In fact, most of it will never see the light of day.

Let me know if this helps you stay cool!
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