seeking sara summers

As the author of Seeking Sara Summers, I would only change one thing about this quotation and make it inclusive. So not only He but  SHE who works with her hands and her head and her heart is an artist! My character Julia would be glad I made that distinction. seeking sara summersWhen I saw this reference it brought back lots of memories. When I was working on my novel, Seeking Sara Summers, (published in 2008) I was fortunate enough to go to Italy to do research, where the novel is partly set. I went to Florence and Siena and the tiny town of Assisi, where St. Francis lived and died. It was an amazing trip and one I’ll never forget because it was like I was accompanying the main characters of Sara Summers and Julia David on their journey. Below are a couple of photos I took while I was there. I could imagine Sara and Julia walking these same streets and alleys. More photos can be found on my website. Assisi

Assisi 2

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