KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERANot that many people know that in my spare time–while not writing–I watch wolves. Red wolves, Mexican gray wolves, and Canadian/Rocky Mountain gray wolves. In fact, don’t be surprised if a wolf shows up in a future novel of mine.

For years, I’ve been fascinated by these amazing and beautiful animals. In fact, here’s a picture of me meeting an ambassador wolf in 2007 at a wolf sanctuary in Colorado. Let me tell you, there’s something really special about being kissed by a wolf. This photo is framed and in my office.

But I don’t live in Colorado anymore, so I’ve missed them.

However, with the help of modern technology, I can now watch wolves howl, play, eat and sleep in their dens by going to a wolf cam online.

wolf camHere is an iPad photo I took of what was on the wolf cam this week. This is Atka. Atka is an ambassador wolf at the Wolf Conversation Center in New York. Here he is readying for a nap outside his den in the snow. The temperature was a brisk 16 degrees, but it seemed like perfect sleeping weather for Atka. (Click on his photo to go to his enclosure cam.)


Founded in 1996 by French concert pianist Helene Grimaud, the Wolf Conservation Center in New Salem, NY is doing important work to save wolves all over the world. wolf cam

Go here to see Atka or the other wolves at the WCC, and to read about the amazing work this Center is doing on behalf of wolves.

If you’re interested, here are a few tips on wolf viewing on this web cam: sometimes you have to wait for them to come into view, so I suggest you go at different times of the day and check the different wolf cams to see which wolves are around. The Red Wolves are almost always in their den after dusk (go to the den cam to see them), unless one of the brothers or sisters is outside howling, then they all tend to go see what’s happening. I’ve even seen some howl in their den, just to join in on the fun, but not have to go back out. Some of the cams have microphones, some don’t.

wolf cam

Helene Grimaud and Atka

Be careful. You might get as hooked on them as I am. Who knows. Watching these wolves may bring out the wildness in you. You may find yourself howling at odd moments. You may even start to feel more creative–more hungry for a creative life! Proceed with caution. Watching wolves could change your life. 😉 xo

P.S. Do you have a fondness for wolves or other wildlife? I’d love to hear from you.

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