This post is in honor of amazing bookstores. Do you have a favorite amazing bookstore? No, not Amazon (though I love Amazon, too. I sell a lot of books through Amazon, including Kindle editions). But one of those brick and mortar ones where you can spend an entire afternoon sitting in a comfy chair in a corner sampling new authors and poets, or those who are tried and true.

Having moved from Colorado a little over a year ago, I still pine for the bookstore on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, Colorado, aptly named: Boulder Books. It was the perfect place to spend an afternoon. I preferred the second floor that was full of fiction, poetry and art books and chairs scattered throughout.

There have been others I have loved over the years. Malaprops in downtown Asheville, NC has a great atmosphere. Highland Books, in my own little town of Brevard, is a haven for book lovers with its helpful staff. And hopefully, I will find more in the years to come.

The Huffington Post recently came up with 9 of the most amazing bookstores in the world. You can find the article here.

Another article in the Guardian UK invited readers to enjoy  The World’s 10 Best Bookshops. Photos and story are here.

I’ve included a few photographs from the articles for your enjoyment. Meanwhile, do you have a favorite bookstore? What is one of your favorite things about it? I’d love to hear from you.

amazing bookstores


amazing bookstores


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