things that give me hope

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –
–Emily Dickinson

Instead of feeling hopeless and discouraged–which drains us of our creative zest–I came up with a list of 120 things that give me hope in anticipation that the list may give you the courage to create and be the hope for others. Do you have things you would add?

120 Things that Give me Hope:

1. Being surrounded by trees
2. Acts of kindness
3. Sparkling mountain streams
4. Smiling children
5. National parks and national forests
6. Small towns
7. Greener cities
8. Slower rhythms
9. Deep breaths
10. Forests
11. Wilderness
12. Dreams
13. Sacred places around the world
14. The creative process
15. newborns
16. Ancient mountains
17. long stretches of beach
18. Valleys
19. A great story
20. Bold, clear voices
21. Blues music
22. Gospel choirs
23. Groves of fruit trees
24. People who strive to be conscious/aware/awake
25. Long walks outside
26. A good night’s sleep
27. Farmer’s markets
28. Live music in intimate settings
29. A thoughtful barista or anyone who is thoughtful
30. Knowing myself and what I need
31. Eye contact
32. A smile from a stranger
33. Laughter from anyone
34. Time with friends
35. City parks
36. Sitting by a river
37. Hammocks (a recent discovery)
38. A good review
39. Book sales
40. Cool, clean drinking water
41. Paths and trails
42. A good map
43. Deep conversations
44. Beautiful images in books, on walls, in galleries, online
45. Stories that give me courage to carry on
46. Old friends
47. New friends
48. Brave friends
49. The ground underneath my feet
50. Courage from unlikely people
51. Old fashioned letters
52. Campfires
53. Wildflowers
54. Blue skies
55. Sunrises
56. Sunsets
57. Full moons
58. Waning moons
59. New moons
60. Meditation
61. Hummingbirds
62. Butterflies
63. Inchworms
64. Lightning bugs
65. Tree houses
66. Children who play outside
67. Seasons
68. Knowing that this, too, shall pass
69. Dignity
70. The migration of birds
71. Honorable people
72. Wildlife
73. Pristine Nature
74. The Grand Canyon
75. Conservation groups
76. Whales
77. Dolphins
78. Polar bears
79. Genuineness
80. Honesty with myself and others
81. Loggerhead turtles
82. Beehives full of bees
83.  Honey
84.  Hard work
85. Not working at all
86. A good film that actually has women in it
87. A well-written book that I can’t put down
88. Belief  in something bigger than myself
89. A sense of purpose
90. Mountain vistas
91. People who are trying to do good things in the world
92. The knowledge that we are all connected
93. A good meal that I didn’t have to cook
94. Unplugging from electronics in the evenings and on weekends
95. Poetry
96. Poets
97. Artists
98. Art galleries
99. Museums
100. Bookstores
101. Libraries
102. Knowing I can be wrong about things
103. Tolerance
104. Acceptance
105. Imagination
106. Creative people who actually create
107. Art supplies, paper and time to draw
108. People who read
109. People who read novels
110. People who read my novels
111. Young people who refuse to follow the herd
112. Old people who refuse to follow the herd
113. Anyone who dares to be different
114. Independent publishing
115. Writers who feel empowered (musicians and every other kind of artist, too.)
116. Good editors
117. Times when I surprise myself
118. Journeys that have a destination
119. Emails and comments from readers
120. Practicing gratitude

So there’s my latest list of 120 things that give me hope. Please feel free to add to it, or to pass it along. What are some things that make you feel hopeful? xo


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