north carolina book clubI love book clubs, and earlier this week I met with a wonderful group of women in a North Carolina book club – Winston-Salem to be exact. I met The Book Babes, as they call themselves, via Skype. I absolutely loved this group of women. (Hi Book Babes!) I told them I was doing a post in their honor, and they were kind enough to send a photo, so I hope they stop by.

The Book Babes (I love this name!) chose The Secret Sense of Wildflower as their January selection and had plenty of wonderful questions for me about the book.

book club booksOne asked about the symbolism behind the necklace (the gold Mary). Another wondered why the story was set in Tennessee. Another woman asked how the assault scene could seem so real, and how did I know how to do that. Another asked about the secret sense and why it went away after Wildflower was hurt; why she kept blaming herself. (I hope I’m not forgetting anything.) I loved these questions, and felt honored to answer them.

Readers and writers have a very special relationship. (I know this because I’m an avid reader, too!) We really aren’t anything without each other. Once I create a story and put it out into the world (a process that takes years), the circle isn’t complete until the book is received and read. I think of it as an exchange. If what we have to offer the world isn’t received, then the process – the circle – feels incomplete.

Imagine that you are a wonderful cook and you make an elaborate feast for Thanksgiving dinner and then your guests don’t show up and eat! This is why writers are nothing without readers; readers are nothing without writers; and why book clubs, like the Book Babes, rock!

book clubsThe Book Babes completed the circle for me, and for that I am grateful. They read Wildflower’s story and seemed to enjoy it. By asking questions and giving me feedback, I received a gift in return.

The gifts of giving and receiving make life feel a little easier, a little richer, and as people, we get to feel a little more connected. Isn’t this what this journey is all about?

For a writer like me, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Thank you, dear Book Babes, for keeping the circle going.

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