What do you mean I'm too controlllingAre you more of a sheepdog these days or a sheep? Either way, I hope you find this cartoon humorous. Like all effective humor, it has some truth to it. Do you find yourself being a little more controlling than usual right now? Perhaps needing things to be or stay a certain way? Or maybe you know or live with someone who is this way.

For instance, the sheepdog part of me cannot tolerate messes right now. A stack of mail or newspapers feels like chaos to me, and I am quick to put these away. I crave order. I crave being able to control my world, even if that means just keeping my kitchen counters clean.

This is a normal reaction to crazy times. For many of us, our world feels totally out of our control right now. Uncertainty looms. The coronavirus continues to gallop through our country, as states have opened back up. Chaos and brokenness are suddenly in full view whenever we watch the news.

Perhaps this is the time to be “excessively gentle with yourself” as I mentioned in Monday’s dispatch. Be mindful of how much news you take in. Create whatever order you can out of the chaos. Remind yourself that you will get through this. Remind yourself that you can do hard things.

In the meantime, stay steady, sweet readers.


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