The following is a guest post by Wendy Manner, one of the fearless women who participated in my most recent Fearless Writing for Women workshops. 


Everyone knows gardening is a metaphor for life. After all, “life’s a garden, dig it!” But as my family spends time walking our land and waiting for spring in all its splendor, I can’t help but see spring as a metaphor for my writing life as well.

I think about the seasons, the ebb and flow of how I feel about my craft. I think about leaning into those seasons, maybe allowing for some heavy sighs as I wait for all the inspiration of spring, but being at peace with the barren wintertime as well, thankful for the opportunity to rest on my creative haunches a bit.

Wendy's familyAs we amend the soil in our garden beds, I think of all I do to feed the soil where my ideas for writing will eventually sprout. To prepare ourselves to produce good writing we read good writing, we listen to good writers, we gather good material, we live lives full of experiences worth writing about. As I watch my husband take careful notes about all he does in the yard, I am inspired to grab my own journal to scribble down thoughts on our every day lives. Not anything worth sharing with the world, but reminders to myself of all the fodder for later writing options.

When we start seeds we doesn’t expect them to be ready for life outdoors right away. We must be willing to start small, to nurture and coax, to allow seedlings space and time to grow and strengthen. The same is true in our writing lives: not every idea is ready to be a full story right away, but that hardly diminishes its worth as a start.

It takes time for seeds of stories to flourish into something worth writing about. Some seeds take longer than others to sprout. But almost all of them are worth the wait and the work, given the right conditions and a willing gardener.

So as spring bursts victorious all around us, how are you amending the soil of your creative pursuits? What are you doing to enrich the places where stories bloom and beautiful prose passages blossom? What writing chores do you most look forward to as you wait for inspiration to sprout? What notes are you taking now that will feed your craft later in the season?  

I welcome your comments.

May the explosion of pollen and petals inspire you today. Hurrah for spring!

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