lynx at Vancouver Olympics

The lynx is an amazing animal, and isn’t that often seen, and especially not photographed. This lynx was the exception. Perhaps he was on his way to having dinner with friends. Or perhaps she’d been training for years in the downhill races. At any rate, this lynx crossed the finish area during the first training run for the men’s downhill race of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, B.C. A winner, for sure.

This has nothing to do with writing or creativity, except that I’ve been watching the Olympics every night on television and until I saw this photo, I hadn’t given a thought to the 4-legged spectators that may be watching, as well. Excellence from the athletes, as well as the four-legged spectators. What do you think?

Are you watching the Olympics? Or do you have information on the lynx that you’d like to share?


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