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Seeking Sara Summers


Seeking Sara Summers is in the TOP 4% of all books sold on Amazon.com and TOP 2% of all books sold on Kindle.

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About the story:

Seeking Sara Summers is a well-written contemporary love story that appeals to a wide audience. If you enjoy the lesbian storyline in the BBC series Last Tango in Halifax, the story of Caroline and Kate in Seasons 1 and 2, Seeking Sara Summers is very similar in tone and sophistication.

In this elegant love story with a uniquely twenty-first-century twist, the reader is taken on a journey into the soul of relationship between two women who fall in love later in life.

The book has found a special fan base in late-in-life lesbians around the world, from the U.S. to the United Kingdom and Australia. If you enjoy high quality lesbian romance novels and other coming-out-later-in-life stories we believe you will love Seeking Sara Summers.

Seeking Sara Summers , the main character Sara Summers Stanton has been married for 25 years and has three grown children. She teaches high school at her alma mater and her life is crashing around her. Her marriage is beginning to crumble and she is battling breast cancer.

As a result, Sara goes on a sabbatical from her job and takes her dream trip to Italy. Her search for a more authentic life leads her to reunite with Julia, her best friend from childhood, who she had lost track of years ago. The old friends reunite in Florence and rekindle their friendship. Soon, the friendship grows into an unexpected, but undeniable attraction that threatens to turn Sara’s world upside down.

What do you do if you fall in love with your best friend? Sara’s inner conflict and subsequent choices reveal an unpredictable future. Seeking Sara Summers is a lyrical novel filled with genuine emotion and a compelling story that speaks to women from many walks of life.

If you enjoy excellent writing and lesbian fiction, even if you don’t like your average lesbian romance novels, there’s a good chance you will love Seeking Sara Summers. After twenty-years of experience writing novels, Susan Gabriel doesn’t think of herself primarily as an author of lesbian books, but she is always searching for stories to write that have heart, humor and compelling, courageous characters.

If you are seeking books written in the tradition of the lesbian storyline in Last Tango in Halifax, Seeking Sara Summers is an excellent choice. Like Caroline and Kate, Sara and Julia struggle to create a life together and lead authentic lives. Seeking Sara Summers is a timeless story about love, commitment and transformation.

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 Readers write…

“Gabriel renders Sara’s growing attraction and conflict with insight. There is a real sense of what is at stake for all three of these characters: Sara, Julia and Grady. A beautiful and powerful story.” — Heather O’Neill, Book Reviewer, afterellen.com

“I received my copy yesterday afternoon. I sat down to start reading it after dinner and didn’t put it down until I had finished! A beautiful tale that took me on a real roller coaster ride of emotions. Italy was just divine I was transported there, the wine, the food, crazy Italian taxi drivers. You made me believe in love again. Thank you so much for your talent.” — Wendy, Australia

“Thanks so much for writing this book—it was a slice of heaven to read about that beautiful country and to feel two people fall in love. I really, really enjoyed it! My favorite parts: the way you depicted the statue in all the crucial scenes, then tied it in with the necklace, the way you made the marriage very believable, the journey of the character realizing that she actually had, for the first time, found LIFE in Italy as well as love. Great fun to read.” — Mari SanGiovanni, Author of Greetings From Jamaica, Wish you Were Queer

“I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story and can appreciate great writing.” — Lily Stone, Author of Spark of Magic

“I started reading Seeking Sara Summers with my breakfast tea and couldn’t put it down until I had finished it—even missed my trip to the gym. I laughed and cried and felt warmed by the Tuscan sun.” — Ann B., Asheville, NC

I didn’t get much sleep last night! I started Seeking Sara Summers and couldn’t put it down!, the descriptions are just enough to let the mind fill in, and the story, is so universal, and at the same time, NOT . . .I loved it. I really can see it on the NY Times Bestseller list. Send a copy to Oprah!!” —- Deb Hall, Colorado Springs, CO

“I just finished reading Seeking Sara Summers, and wanted to drop you a note to thank you for an excellent story. I loved every moment, it was so very intimate to be inside Sara’s head all through her journey.” — Elena, Madrid, Spain

I LOVED THE BOOK!!! That is the fastest I have read anything in a long time, couldn’t put it down and I just bawled through parts! You are fantastic!” — Jennifer V., Windsor, CO

“What a great story, a love story that spans time and distance! The characters are fully imagined but also real, and have stayed with me long after I finished the book. As they make their way from confinement to freedom, resignation to aliveness, they push the edge of the possibilities we all have within us for a fuller life. I think many readers will see themselves and will be inspired to climb whatever walls they need to scale to be who they really are. The writing is vivid and lyrical. The scenes set in Italy made me want to run out and buy a plane ticket. I’ve also been reading Gabriel’s blog. Her writing is fresh, insightful and skillful. I’m looking forward to her next book.” — J. Reid, Black Mountain NC

“I’ve read plenty of fiction in my life, everything from junky beach books to classic literature. I loved this book. Gabriel is a clever, funny, profound writer who quickly takes you into the inner world of her characters, while taking you on an external journey that keep you glued to the page. Sara’s character jumps from the pages and her transformation has impacted and inspired me.” — Jackie W., Loveland, Colorado

“What a journey! I felt like I had been to Italy with Sara but even more vividly, I shared her journey of the heart.” — Carter G., New Hope, PA

“Thank you for capturing so memorably the confusion, frustration, fears and longings–and ultimately the beauty of a woman’s life.”— Zoe J., Greensboro, NC

“Both Sara and Julia are beautiful women that you would truly love to have in you circle of friends. I think whether you are married, single, partnered or whatever, many women will LOVE this book!” — Phyllis P., Boston, MA

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 Seeking Sara Summers is in the TOP 4% of all books sold on Amazon.com

and TOP 2% of all books sold on Kindle: **



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