The story of how the Fearless Writing for Women Workshops began:

After finishing my year of walking by the river last month, I’ve felt a strong need to show up in the world more. Not only did I garner more confidence from my accidental pilgrimage, but I also caught glimpses of the bigger picture. Things I already knew, but had to realize again. About how everything in the universe is connected. About how we’re all in this together. About how we’ve each been called upon to develop whatever talents we have in order to give something back to the others on this planet-based sojourn. Perhaps these offerings are small, based on the large needs of the world, but it’s important that we do them anyway. And so the thought of Fearless Writing came to me.

I haven’t led workshops since my counseling days, and back then they weren’t about women who write, but about much more serious, soul-crushing things that women had to deal with. Including me.

However, we need our soul’s nourished, too, so I’d like to think of my latest offering as Susan 2.0. The older, hopefully wiser, version of me. The me that is still struggling to some extent, still grateful and still on the journey, with many lessons learned and 17 years of writing experience to my credit.

Below is part of a flyer I sent out locally last week, minus the details (meets for 6 weeks, Fridays 1 – 3, etc.), since if you live in California or the UK or France (as many of you do), you probably can’t make it.

Here’s the flyer:

Fearless Writing for Women

…with Susan Gabriel

Do you write fiction, poetry, memoir or nonfiction – or want to? Do you want a safe place to explore the rewards of a creative life and learn how to successfully navigate the challenges? Whether you are a beginner or have been writing for years, this 6 week writing workshop will give you a structured, supportive space along with expert guidance from a professional writer to develop and deepen your writing in a community of women.

The group will be led by acclaimed writer, Susan Gabriel, who has 17 years writing experience, as well as 10 years experience as a licensed professional counselor. Her latest novel, The Secret Sense of Wildflower, received a coveted starred review from Kirkus Reviews, which also named the novel as a Best Book of 2012. This course focuses on the craft of writing. Through exercises, discussion and sharing — all designed to open you to your deeper creative self — you will gain more confidence in your writing, receive plenty of encouragement and have the option of receiving feedback.

fearless writing for women

My back porch. © R.K. Young

This group will meet on Susan’s rustic back porch overlooking the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains (two miles from downtown Brevard). On colder days participants will gather by the fireplace in her living room, with the same great view. Limited to 7 women; suitable for both beginners and more advanced writers. Tea, coffee & chocolate included!


It seemed important that chocolate be a part of a community of women writers. My partner-in-life thought that one up and a dear friend took the inviting photo of my back porch. I had other friends who offered suggestions and ideas as I honed my vision. I haven’t felt the least bit alone in this endeavor. Even as I lay awake in the middle of the night dreaming up meaningful writing exercises, I don’t feel a moment’s hesitation. Like I did 23 years ago at the Women’s Center I founded in Charleston, SC, I am creating a place for women again. And I’ve come home to the best part of myself.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and THANKS FOR READING. xo

P.S. While I very much treasure the men in my life and know that men need support with their writing, too, I find that there is a demand for groups that are exclusively female, and want to provide that environment for those who are interested.

P.P. S. Full information on the workshop is here:

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