Johnny Depp is Passionate About Books

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by Susan Gabriel

“He was always a serious reader and was attracted by the world of literature.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Johnny Depp loves books. REAL books. Despite fanfare over digital and electronic books, Johnny Depp plans to invest time and care in the physical look of the books in his new publishing imprint with Harper.

Depp’s imprint is called Infinitum Nihil (“Nothing is forever”). Turns out, the actor and musician is passionate about books. Depp, known for being a close friend of Hunter S. Thompson, has acted in numerous film adaptations of literary works, including Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “The Rum Diary.” Now, he wants to express his love of the written word by dealing directly with books.

“He was always a serious reader and was attracted by the world of literature,” said Jonathan Burnham, publisher of Harper. Depp’s own brother is a novelist… Read the rest of this article here.

Does this mean, that more people may figure out what we already know? The bottom line: READING IS COOL!


The Secret Sense of Wildflower

“…astute observations and wonderfully turned phrases, with nary a cliché to be found. She could be an adolescent Scout Finch…A quietly powerful story, at times harrowing but ultimately a joy to read.

– Kirkus Reviews (starred review) To read the entire Kirkus review go here.

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5 Responses to “Johnny Depp is Passionate About Books”

  1. RichardB jr Says:

    Love it! and thanks for the heads up on Depp.

  2. Susan Gabriel Says:

    Glad you like it, Richard. :)

  3. John Grabowski Says:

    He’s too old for the role now, but I always thought he’d be great in a biopic of the life of Hector Berlioz. Keira Knightly could be his love obsession, English Shakespearian actress Harriet Smithson. The story is really unbelievable—if you read it in fiction you’d never believe it—and the fact that no one’s ever made a movie of it amazes me.

  4. Laura Says:

    He seems like a very literate and thoughtful guy. Adventurous too, apparently.

  5. Susan Gabriel Says:

    Hi Laura,
    He really does sound like a very literate and thoughtful guy. Thanks for stopping by! –Susan

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